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Frida Maria is a Swedish/Danish artist, model, and actress. Her style of music is a mix of different genres, including Dream Indie Pop/Rock, New Age, World, and Electronic Sounds. Her unique way of writing is presented in a poetic way and is demonstrated throughout her songwriting and lyrics. Her inspiration comes from deep intuitive feelings based on her life experiences and emotions. She blends a lot of sounds and ideas into her own style and creates her music based on the current momentum and her state of mind. With the meditative sound of a voice, she creates a harmonic atmosphere for her listeners.

Her background comes from fashion modeling, and she started her modeling career in Australia at the age of 19 and got signed in Stockholm by an Agency that back then was called Zapmodels.


From attending fashion runway shows to TV commercials and print, she decided to educate herself within the arts in a more digital world and started her journey a few years later at Berghs School of Communication in Stockholm, Sweden. After six months she got 

her Diploma in Advertising/Design & Marketing. 


Frida Maria continued the BFA program in San Francisco at the Academy of Art University, where she graduated in 2005 in high standing.


During her years in San Francisco, she had the opportunity to Intern for two great Agencies, namely; Eleven Inc and Goodby Silverstein & Partners, where she learned a lot about the industry before she took on a freelance job together with a friend and colleague Ryan Herras at Herras Creative. Ryan brought her on board to help rebrand San Francisco Salt Company's entire brand. She was lucky enough to spend a few months with him before she got offered a position at one of the largest Branding Agencies in the world; FutureBrand. She took her pick and pack and moved to New York.


At FutureBrand she learned a lot and got thrown into big team works and responsibilities immediately. Her first big project was when her logo for 'Book by Cadillac' was chosen from the main board at Cadillac and she had the chance to design and develop the entire Visual System with the supervision and guidance from (back then) her CD, Tina Schoepflin. Frida Maria's two years spent at the firm gave her multiple great projects to work on and learn from and she developed skills within more than just Branding; She worked on Iconography, Presentation Designs, Packaging, Research & Strategy Decks, Environmental Designs, Illustrations, Web and Social Media Marketing to name a few.


In the midst of working full-time in New York, she also attended acting classes and had the opportunity to learn under the guidance of Wayne Gasser, former Manager of Kevin Bacon. Frida Maria also studied and got a Diploma in another acting program called 'Break into Hollywood' where John Brantley Cole Jr

was the acting coach.


After FutureBrand she decided to do some freelance work as she had switched gear to following her dreams and creating music with poetry and lyrics she had written over the years. Her passion for singing was always a spark in her heart since she was a kid. 


So, she traveled to Mexico City and connected with friends and producers and she networked her way around to find more and more artists, filmmakers, models, well; 'PEOPLE' to work with... And that's what she's currently doing, with some freelance design/creative projects here and there in between.


You can find more about Frida Maria under her social name; @fridamariamusic.


Frida Maria / Artist / Self-Employed
MCCA / Design Consultant / Creative Director 

Billion Studio London / Freelance Designer

The B&A Journal / Freelance Editorial Designer

100 For All (non-for-profit) / Brand Designer

FutureBrand NYC / Brand & Package Designer

San Francisco Salt Company / Freelance Designer

Goodby Silverstein & Partners / Design Intern

Eleven Inc. San Francisco / Design Intern
Vocal Mastery / Sweden / Peter Wikstrom
Superior Singing Method / Aaron Anastasi
Acting Heart NYC / New York / Wayne Gasser

BIH Studios / New York / John Brantley Cole Jr

Academy of Art University / San Francisco
(BFA Fine Arts & Graphic Design)

Berghs School of Communication / Stockholm
(Advertising & Marketing)
Design Wizard Blog / 'Learn Graphic Design From The Experts' / Jun 25, 2019
ModelManagement / 'Top 9 Female Influencers
From ModelManagement' / Dec 19, 2016
Rebrand's Best-In-Class Award 'Book by Cadillac'
/ Jan, 2018 / Futurebrand, New York
BFA Award for Design Excellence / Winter Show 2014, Academy of Art University, San Francisco